Smik Longboard Style Lord / North Freo Long Mac

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A bit about SMIK

We’ll be upfront with you, SMIK SUP boards are made by the boss’s brother. We might be biased, but we think these boards are some of the best out there. They’re stylish, simple, performance oriented boards of the highest quality.

Designed to enjoy the vast beauty of Australia’s aquatic landscape. Be it a beautiful river, playful beach or a powerful reef-break, these boards are right at home.

Key attributes.

  • Constructed with COMPRESSSION MOULDING by IQC producing accurate and MORE DURABLE shapes.
  • Bamboo deck PVC reinforcement to standing area fin box and leash plug.
  • Additional reinforcement to high impact areas of rails, nose and tail.
  • Durable paint resistant to chipping and general wear.

Longboard SUP’s

  • 10′ x 30″ – (153 L) THE STYLE LORD a long-board style SUP, designed for a timeless soul arch or a walk up to the nose.
  • 10′ x 32″ – ( 155 L) NORTH FREO LONG MAC a single concave to mid section V to double concave through tail rocker for unparalleled turning of a board this size.

Additional information

Size and Type

10' x 30" x 153L – The Style Lord, 10' x 32" x 155L – North Freo Long Mac

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